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«Y a ceux qui ont sorti le glaive»

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Glaive is a striking display variable font that marries the timeless elegance of engraved letters with a contemporary twist. Drawing inspiration from the art of stone-carved typography and seamlessly blending it with modern digital solution, Glaive emerges as a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. Characterized by its distinctive spiky serifs and engraved letterforms, Glaive captivates with its unique aesthetic. The font is crafted to embody the essence of stone-carved typography, while incorporating modern design elements to ensure a seamless transition into the digital realm. The fusion of triangular serifs and square strokes, as seen in characters like 'f', 't', 'r', or 'y', lends Glaive a bold and dynamic personality. Available in a variable range of weights spanning from Thin to Ultra Bold, Glaive offers flexibility and versatility for designers seeking to make a statement in their projects.

Glyphs: 374
Font version: 0.9
Style(s): 7
OpenType features: Case-Sensitive Forms - Old Style Figures

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