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Vaisseau mère, mets ta ceinture

Synthetik Thin & Italic
Synthetik Extra Light & Italic

Synthetik Light & Italic
Synthetik Regular & Italic
Synthetik Medium & Italic
Synthetik Semi-Bold & Italic

Synthetik Bold & Italic
Synthetik Black & Italic




Font infos

Synthetik: a bold fusion of expression and minimalism in the realm of typography. With its sleek and contemporary design, this geometric font exudes a dynamic energy that seamlessly blends modernity with a timeless appeal inspired by various classic geometric styles.
Designed to make a lasting impression, Synthetik's versatile nature makes it the perfect choice for a myriad of applications including branding, body text, posters, and web pages. Its clean lines and refined shapes lend a sense of sophistication to any project, while its adaptability ensures it thrives in any creative endeavor.
The Synthetik font family boasts an array of eight weights, each complemented by matching italics, allowing for effortless harmony and versatility in design. Additionally, its inclusion in a variable system empowers designers with unparalleled flexibility and control, ensuring every typographic composition is infused with depth and character.

Photos: Noé Cotter

Glyphs: 480
Font version: 1
Style(s): 16
OpenType features: Case-Sensitive Forms - Discretionary Ligatures - Standard Ligatures - Tabular Figures £
- Stylistic sets  - Circled Figures - Fractions

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